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Renaissance Secrets

Link: as part of a partnership between the Open University and the BBC,the Renaissance Secrets (based in part on a television series) addressesfour different historical questions dealing with various aspects of the lateMiddle Ages and the Renaissance, along with providing helpful material onthe practice and art of writing about and understanding history. The fourtopics include a discussion of the many faces of Venice during theRenaissance, medical care and hospitals during the Renaissance, theconspiracy to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I, and Johannes Gutenberg. Withineach of these four topic areas, visitors can read short thematic essaysabout related topics and find out more about the evidence and historicalknowledge that informs each related topic. By doing so, visitors(particularly students) will be able to better understand how historians"do" history. Finally, from the site's home page, visitors can also readessays from practicing historians about their own work and how they begin tocollect evidence and interpret the past

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