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National Museum of the American Indian


The NAMAI web site offers an education section with teacher guides and lists of authentic resources for students: “Your students may have preconceived notions regarding Native Americans. Before visiting the museum, you may want to begin studying ‘fact versus fiction’ concerning indigenous cultures. Historical concepts may be confused with fictional stories. You may want to read a selection of children's books and critique them for their factual content. Discuss stereotyping and suggest ways to counter negative imaging. Reinforce positive imaging of Native Americans. Don't select literature that uses stereotypical language, imaging, etc. Check with our Resource Center for a bibliography of suggested books.” Link to radio programming such as Living Voices and online exhibits that range from Indian humor to the quilt show and education guide our own Marsha MacDowell was involved in, To Honor and Comfort. Museum entry is timed and free but visitors in the first months should obtain tickets in advance for a service fee. Find all this plus the festival schedule of music, storytelling, regalia making, and processions .

  • Cataloged: 2005-11-22
  • Publisher: Smithsonian Institution
  • Source: National Museum of the American Indian Smithsonian Institution

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