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National Museum of Science and Technology - Via S. Vittore 21 - 20123 Milano - Italy Tel. +390248555200 - Fax +390248010016 - E-mail [email protected] The Museum and schools activities during i.lab soap bubbles The Educational Services Department offers a number of activities to get visitors involved in learning through direct, fun and exciting experiences in the interactive laboratories and during visits to the collections and exhibitions. In addition to this are training courses for teachers, and educational projects aimed at schools, and designed to be used throughout the country. Our ethos The museum’s ideas are founded upon an informal educational approach, and are designed to be a starting point for the exploration of themes in science and technology. More specifically, the laboratory experiences are structured around the discovery and exploration of phenomena, and not on checking or formally learning laws and principles. The activities have been devised for schools and are meant to enhance the educational programme followed in school by the teachers; they do not require any prior knowledge of the subjects dealt with, and are also suitable for other visitors.

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