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An Overview of Reading Comprehension Instruction, Past and Present


This PowerPoint presentation on comprehension instruction is one of a series of presentations and workshops for teachers produced by Literacy Leaders as part of NREA coursework (Note: these workshops are copyrighted by NREA and the authors. You are welcome to use/adapt them to your school under two conditions: a) that you give credit to the author, and b) that you return a copy of improved/adapted versions of the workshop to the NREA in care of Joan Taylor ([email protected]).

  • Cataloged: 3-07-04
  • Contributor: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Created: Spring, 2003
  • Author/Creator: Sherry Weimer
  • Date Published: Spring, 2003
  • Publisher: Nevada Reading Excellence Act
  • Source: ICG 708: Special Topics in Literacy
  • Resource Availability: 200 OK

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