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Proposing a teacher-based approach to educational reform, the Teacher's MindResources site is built around a recently published study of education,entitled _Teaching in Mind: How Teacher Thinking Shapes Education_. Whilelargely promotional, the site offers a great deal of perspective into thecurrent analysis of reformist trends and initiatives to stand on its own asa valuable source of insight and inspiration to educators at every level.Philosophically, the site's author is convinced that popular efforts toapply "universal" educational standards are meaningless - if they fail totake into account what each teacher brings to the class as an individual.Thus, it focuses on the teacher's mind as a unique tool destined tointerpret every mandated standard differently and uniquely. Offering forums,media, and recently published research in the area, the Teacher's Mind sitelooks both to inform and engage all users.

  • Cataloged: 2002-05-27
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